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Information handing through Information Technology : Introduction

Pramila Dangwal

Information world is been introduced in the study. Need and use of information by the Information Technology for Information Handling is the objective of study. World is itself a database of information. Here in this world Neuton third low works and its application is also satisfied by the object information. That is information is neither been created nor been destroyed. It is only converted from one form to another. it states that this world is a database where data exist, store , captured, transmitted, processed, retrieved, displayed etc. Each and every object existing in this world is an information and information about information possessed gives the world a qualitative data wherehouse which is a complete package of database and datamining. In whole statement, information is a key for everything existing in this world and a play of information handling is played by the objects in order to excel each other. This information is permuted and combined with each other to form a new information (termed as research and discovery) to have a distinguished result with respect to the problem. This information after taking birth is used by others as matured information in order to form a desired result. They are again being practiced by permutation and combination to form new information completing the information life cycle birth, groom, mature and then birth and so on.