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Information : By the People, for the People, for Development

Pramila Dangwal

In this growing world every thing existing in it grows and same change is offered to the information. It is totally dependent on human and human are similarly dependent on the information for their existence. This paper shows the co relation of human and information and their struggle for development. Information can be given name of Adam of knowledge. Adam being the first human of the universe can be called as first human information of the universe. This first four word information of the universe in the history of centuries had taken so immense shape due to the reason that though it can be structured, sized, shaped but can not deleted. It is the only natural object of the universe where live and dies concept fails and treasury of such gathering is multiplying with time. This is due to the reason of its originator i.e. human itself. The nature of the human development never follows death though it can be modified. This is the most prominent reason of information’s unnatural behavior of life. Further it can be explained as a tree that had its existence due to the seed naming Adam which year by year gained the age circle in its bark with the development of branches, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds. This single tree had built a jungle of information surrounding the world spreading the gas of knowledge in which whole world is breathing .Knowledge in today world is a gas essentially used in the atmosphere of ‘development’ and work as an oxygen to live in the commercial world.