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Amit Porwal, Dr. Rajesh Kumar Porwal

Green Supply Chain Manag?m?nt (GSCM) is on? of th? r?c?nt buzz world in th? industrial ?nt?rpris?s in India for th? ?nhancing th? capabiliti?s of th?ir supply chain manag?m?nt through sustainability. Industri?s ar? mor? int?r?st?d in profit making du? to sustainabl? supply chain activiti?s rath?r than to sav? ?nvironm?nt. Thus in this r?s?arch, w? aim to study th? various activiti?s involv?d in th? supply chain proc?ss?s of th? various Indian manufacturing industri?s & finds how much ?co-fri?ndly th?y ar? in th?ir logistics as w?ll as supply chain activiti?s by taking into account from th? procur?m?nt of th? raw mat?rial to th? transportation of th? ?nd product. This study will s?rv? th? purpos? of m?t?ring th? p?rformanc? of th? Indian industry which includ?s both small scal? as w?ll larg? scal? industrial hous?s. Th? major six activiti?s of th? supply chain; nam?ly gr??n procur?m?nt, gr??n manufacturing, gr??n war?housing, gr??n distribution, gr??n packaging, gr??n transportation ar? b?ing cov?r?d throughout th? r?s?arch from th?s? abov? proc?ss activiti?s w? m?asur?d th? p?rformanc? of th? various Indian manufacturing industri?s with th? h?lp of various crucial p?rformanc? indicators & th?ir sub-indicator’s. Th? r?s?arch outcom? bas?d on th? surv?y in this r?s?arch pap?r id?ntifi?s th? important r?sults that ar? caus?s impact on th? ?nvironm?nt caus?d by th? manufacturing s?ctors bas?d upon th? appropriat? m?thodology w? appli?d for r?s?arch purpos?. In this study, w? discuss?d th? various ?nvironm?nt factors aff?cting in th? manufacturing s?ctors whil? gr??ning th? supply chain as id?ntifi?d from th? lit?ratur? r?vi?w. A surv?y qu?stionnair? d?sign?d with four main factors aff?cting th? sustainabl? supply chain furth?r having various indicators & sub-indicators. This surv?y qu?stionnair? was b?ing fill?d by th? various multipl? manufacturing s?ctors in ord?r to find out th? sustainability p?rformanc? of various manufacturing s?ctors towards gr??n futur?.