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Ms. S. R. Kanawade, S. G. Galande

In the field of Agriculture most important things are fertility of soil, nutrition’s available in soil, water availability in that area, atmospheric conditions .All these parameters are playing the measure roll regarding the productivity of crop .In this paper we are trying to go through the techniques which will show us how to improve productivity with the minimum use of natural resources like water, and avoid leaching of soil by using fertilizers through drip. This can be used in greenhouse or open environments to efficiently monitor soil moisture and temperature, ambient temperature, and humidity. Wired communications, sensor networks, and other complementary technologies provide the necessary tools to compile and processes physical variables, including temperature, humidity, and soil moisture, pH of soil, fertilizer concentrations. Greenhouse and precision agricultural, in general, demand real-time precise measurement of these parameters in order to avoid unnecessary exposure to unhealthy ambient conditions, assure maximum productivity and provide value-added quality. This paper aims to implement the basic application of automizing the irrigation field by programming the components and building the necessary hardware with ARM7 Processor. This is used to find the exact field condition and maintaining their levels in the soil.