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Basima Sadiq Ahmed, Sardar Nouri Ahmed, Hamid G. Hassan

Background and objectives Iron is one of the major component of hemoglobin, is required for transport of oxygen, ferritin is a protein for storage iron, and transferring is a protein for iron transport, all these it may be change in breast cancer. The aim of present study was to measure the serum ferritin, iron, total iron binding capacity, transferring, and C reactive protein concentration in breast tumors. Material and method A prospective study was carried out from April 2013 to August 2014 by clinical biochemistry department in College of Pharmacy University of Sulaimani on (45) healthy female individuals, (group1) and (50) females with breast tumor (group2). Results The mean value of serum iron, transferring, total iron binding capacity were significantly lower in females with breast tumors (group2), than that of healthy female individuals, (group1), while serum ferritin was significantly higher in females with breast tumors (group2), than that of healthy individuals (group 1). Conclusion Based on findings of the present study it can be concluded that breast tumors can cause deficient of all iron profile except ferritin will be increase in female breast cancers.