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Bhosale Swapnali B, Kayastha Vijay S, HarpaleVarsha K.

Video surveillance is active research topic in computer vision research area for humans & vehicles, so it is used over a great extent. Multiple images generated using a fixed camera contains various objects, which are taken under different variations, illumination changes after that the object’s identity and orientation are provided to the user. This scheme is used to represent individual images as well as various objects classes in a single, scale and rotation invariant model.The objective is to improve object recognition accuracy for surveillance purposes & to detect multiple objects with sufficient level of scale invariance.Multiple objects detection& recognition is important in the analysis of video data and higher level security system. This method can efficiently detect the objects from query images as well as videos by extracting frames one by one. When given a query image at runtime, by generating the set of query features and it will find best match it to other sets within the database. Using SURF algorithm find the database object with the best feature matching, then object is present in the query image.