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Prof. Prasad. Bishetti, Sanket. D. Ojanahalli, Sohail. M. N, Rajiva. A. B, Shivanagouda.V. H

— Transparent concrete is a concrete based building material with light-Transmissive properties due to embedded light optical elements usually Optical fibers. Light is conducted through the stone from one end to the other. Therefore the fibers have to go through the whole object. Transparent concrete is also known as the translucent concrete and light transmitting concrete because of its properties. It is used in fine architecture as a facade material and for cladding of interior walls. In this paper, to integrate the merits of concrete and optical fiber, for developing transparent concrete by arranging the high numerical aperture Plastic Optical Fibers (POF) or big diameter glass optical fiber into concrete. The main purpose is to use sunlight as a light source to reduce the power consumption of illumination and to use the optical fiber to sense the stress of structures and also use this concrete as an architectural purpose for good aesthetical view of the building.