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Aso Nuri Jalizada, Mouwafaq Al rawi, Lana Abdul Razzaq Dabbagh

This study is meant for determining the safety of endoscopy followed by grommet insertion into the middle ear. Traditionally, otoscopy, or the surgery using microscope has been the preferred method of Myringology. But given the limitations of using microscope, surgical interventions such as postauricular access have turned popular for treating the ailments of middle ear. A sum total of 178 cases of otitis media with effusion who had to undergo myringotomy along with or without tympanostomy tube insertion i.e. grommet were studied. The minimum age of the subject was 2.6 years while the maximum age was 44 years. The patients consisted of both male and female patients. 89 cases corresponded to that of right ear while another 89 cases were indications of left ear. The result derived from this study is clearly an indicative of the fact that the comparatively novice practice of endoscopy in grommet insertion is quite safe and also provides an edge in the live demonstrations and group teaching methods. However, the study also determines that although, this method is apparently safer and efficient, there is no proof of patients have any gains during post operative care and hearing efficiency when compared to other traditional methods.