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Anil A Jadhav, Prof .Vilas Shinde

During Mass production it is necessary to hold the parts on the proper location. The system which holds the parts on the proper location which is called as fixture. Due to this device we can trust on our product. Fixtures accurately locate and secure a part during machining operations such that the part can be manufactured to design specifications. To reduce the design costs associated with fixturing, various computer aided fixture design methods have been developed through the years to assist the fixture designer. Much research has been directed towards developing systems that determine an optimal fixture plan layout, but there is still a need to develop a CAFD method that can continue to assist designers at the unit level where the key task is identifying the appropriate structure that the individual units comprising a fixture should take. Also the design of a fixture depends a lot on the designers expertise and experience and hence no solution is optimal or near optimal for a given work piece. In this study we took the part as capacitor for fixture development, after filling the resin the flatness and terminal height of the capacitor gone out of specification. To control the above parameters it is necessary to hold the part on proper position so that these parameters get corrected after resin curing.