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Hindavi Iskande, Vaishali Gardade

In this paper, we are proposing DWT (discrete wavelet transform) Based Invisible Watermarking Technique for Videos. Digital Watermarking is a data hiding technique where an information or message is hidden inside a signal. This method is used for copyright protection. Due to the signal representation Watermarking done easily, and thus this technology is developing very fast among the media industry. The two aspects of any image are the quality of the image & the capacity of the original image. A lossless data hiding scheme is presented based on quantized coefficients of discrete wavelet transform (DWT) in the frequency domain to embed secret message. In DWT technique a frame selected from a video is get decomposed through the DWT in 3 levels. In this technique a multi bit watermark is embedded into the low frequency sub band of a original frame by using alpha blending technique. The procedures of the proposed system mainly include embedding & extracting. During embedding, watermark image or some data message is dispersed within the original frame depending upon the scaling factor of alpha blending technique. Wavelet transform is used to converts an image from time or spatial domain to frequency domain. Decomposition of digital image will be pair of waveform with high frequency corresponds to detailed parts of an image & low frequency to smooth parts of image. The digital message will be embedding in medium high frequency components & the image will be reconstructed to get cover image with digital message hidden. Embedded image decomposed into inverse discrete wavelet transform. Inverse wavelet transform is used to convert frequency domain to spatial domain. Hence it is frequency time representation. Embedded image will be extracted in to sub band frequencies using dwt method. The digital data will be taken from the medium high frequency components & the extracted digital data will be compared with original message.