Dissolution profile and drug release from solid dosage form affected by many factors, and one of these factors is the type of the solid dosage form (i.e. tablet, capsule, pellets etc). This research attempt to determine the effect of the types of solid dosage form on dissolution profile, lag time, drug release rate and drug release kinetics. Three specially formulated enteric coated solid dosage form, i.e. enteric coated tablet (ECT), hard gelatin capsule filled with enteric coated granules (ECG) and enteric coated hard gelatin capsule (ECC) filled with drug in powder form, containing 100 mg of theophylline in each dose unit were prepared using almost the same inactive ingredients and coated with the same enteric coating formula. The results reveal a variation in dissolution profile and dissimilarity in release kinetics among the three dosage form. The dissolution behavior of ECG shows slower release rate with more consistency release pattern and ECT appear to be more similar to it, while ECC appear to be more like pulsatile release pattern.