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Shahzad Ahmed, Prof. S. M. Choudhary

Indian economy is agrarian economy. Around 70% population of our country is depending on agriculture for their livelihood. Agriculture will continue to be the main driver of country’s economic growth in particular and globe in general. In spite of the above fact, not much has been done in the field of farming. On the other hand, the farmers are facing many problems and day by day suicidal cases are increasing all around the country. Following are the some serious problems faced by majority Indian farmers. To name a few: • Poverty • Illiteracy • Low income • Poor health • Low productivity • Adverse conditions of work In view of above fact, it is the need to contribute in the field of farming since farmers and many other villagers toiling their efforts in the farms and getting bare minimum returns for their work. Moreover, the sowing activity of farming is labor intensive, costly and becoming unaffordable in present condition. This demands the design farming equipment to solve seed sowing machine, which will be economical, affordable, multitasking and user friendly. This machine is named as “SEEDS SOWING CART”. Perni is a common word, used in Marathi, in Maharashtra for sowing activity in farm. This machine is particularly used for sowing seeds of wheat, soya bean in farm, but it can also be modified, to sow any other seed too, since arrangement of with control between seeds, length control and depth control is provided with simultaneous spreading of fertilizer at proper distance and depth from seeds and ground level respectively. In addition, this machine is designed considering most suitable parts and optimum design parameters. In future this machine will prove to be a boon for farmers of our country.