Light has been around for millions of years. It has created us, has created life and has created all stuffs of life. We can’t imagine life without light, light is everywhere, be it at home, at work place, meeting hall, hospitals, aircrafts, street lights, vehicles, traffic lights and so on. In recent years, the rapid development in solid state Light emitting diodes(LED’s) material has given rise to next generation 5G data communication called LiFi alias Visible Light Communication or we can say a new WiFi. Thus, just by sitting under the light we can transfer data and access internet. Signals are transmitted from one system to another by using LED as a LiFi transmitter and photodiode as a LiFi receiver. Lifi is fully networked high speed wireless connection, it does not rely on specified frequency spectrum unlike wireless networks which are very much restricted. Lifi is based on Visible Light spectrum is which is,10,000 times faster in transmission of data, more secure and immune to EMI relative to radio waves. This paper presents a how lifi works, how its different, different scenarios in vehicle communication and prototype of how LiFi can be used by vehicles to communicate in highway navigation system, thus understanding the amenability. The Design is accomplished using Microcontroller, along with LiFi transmitter, the LED light is modulated with data signal, converted to binary form in order to support transmission over light source and the signal is received at receiver side by a photo detector, received signal is demodulated to get back the transmitted data conversion is done and data displayed/read out. A Numerical simulation and also experimental results are presented.