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Rana Khudhair Abbas Ahmed

With the help of web mining technology, the E-Learning systems are grouped in the following importance of e-learning is in advance. The web mining gives approaches [2]: the personalized education. By using various mining ? Personalization of the learning content, based on techniques, both the learner and the teacher can achieve learners preferences, educational background and benefits. Thus, the process of learning becomes simpler and experience. affordable. With the advancement in web mining, the ? Personalization of the representation manner and education through eLearning is improved. In this paper, we proposed Combi, a new system for the form of the learning content. combining three web mining techniques with the learner's ? Full personalization, which is a combination of the profile for e-learning personalization. Our personalization is previous two types. based on learners preferences, educational background and experience. The goal we took of personalization is learners Personalization in e-learning can be understood as satisfaction. Our Combi system helps the learner to find the education related technology which is capable of most suitable related information needed without wasting time individualizing the interaction between system and learner, and effort in looking through the long list of searched results to based on the personal needs and preferences of learner, and find the most suitable information. We discovered the learning help them to shape their own learning boundaries and to behavior pattern to build up a series of feedback and motivation system and we compared the results from our collaborate in terms of thoughts, information and knowledge system with an existing related system.