This experiment was conducted to study the chronological relationships between estrus onset, time of LH surge and ovulation time in does synchronized with chronogest or CIDR. Forty six desert goats were divided into 2 groups (A, and B). Induction of oestrous was carried out using intravaginal sponges impregnated with 40 mg fluorgestone and CIDR for group A and B respectively. At time of sponge or CIDR removal, the animals were injected with 300IU eCG. There was no significant difference in the estrus onset, estrous duration, ovulation time and time of LH surge in does synchronized with either chronogest or CIDR. Ovulation was detected 54 hours post sponges or CIDR removal. LH surge occurred 28 hours post removal of sponge or CIDR. No significant difference was detected with regard to the time taken from oestrus onset to ovulation time (25.4 and 23.5 hours respectively). Also, there was no significant difference in the time taken from LH surge to ovulation time in does synchronized with chronogest and CIDR (25.6 and 25.3 hours) respectively. In conclusion, findings observed pertaining to estrous onset, time of ovulation and the time of onset of the LH peak could be of value in timing AI or mating for maximum conception in goat breeding programs when CIDR or sponges were used with 300IU eCG.