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S. K. Pandey, L.P. Pathak, R.K. Pathak

This paper presents the chemical changes in various nutrients in rice plant under sodic soil. The nutrients were applied on soil test recommendation basis. The sodic soil was low in several nutrients like available nitrogen, available phosphorus (P2O5,), sulphur, zinc, manganese, carbon and available potassium (K2O) was medium. pH and EC of soil was 9.0 and 0.29 dSm-1, respectively. The uptake values of all nutrients were the lowest in control and highest in NPKS+Zn+Mn treatment during both the years. Sequential additions of different nutrients also gave significant increase in uptake. For obtaining the highest yields of dry matter 87.60 and 90.60 Qha- 1 were required first and second years. The mean total uptake of N, P, K, S, Zn and Mn was 66.92 Kg, 25.04 Kg, 79.70 Kg, and 16.30 Kg, 232.90 g and 337.70 g ha-1 respectively was taken up by the plant. The uptake value of the above mentioned nutrients were calculated on the basis biological yield and concentration of the nutrients. The sodic soil of experimental field was found deficient in almost all the nutrients tested under missing nutrient technique precisely in a site specific management trial, satisfactory yield could be obtained with the addition of N, P, K, S, Zn and Mn on soil test recommendation basis.