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Prof.P.M.Pathak, Dipesh Jain, Khandelwal Rahul, Mantri Shravan, Shah Apurv, Shete Pranita

Water is the most vital thing in this world, without which we can’t live. Indian civilization mostly started at the banks of rivers; therefore rivers are considered to be sacred. There are various reasons to water pollution as industries, urbanization, improper agricultural practices, water withdrawal, religious and social activities. Kumbhmela is one of the most religious events regarding ritualistic activity. It is one of the biggest Hindu festivals which occur on rivers at four different places. Nasik is the place where Kumbhmela occurs in every twelve years on Godavari River. The present study is carried out to assess the impact of mass bathing on water quality of river Godavari River during Kumhmela 2015 at Nasik. The Godavari river water samples collected from three different selected sites at different times of the day. The physico-chemical and biological parameters were analyzed such as Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), pH, Chlorides, Conductivity, Turbidity, Hardness and Most Probable Number (MPN). Few parameters were within the permissible limit but it is also observed that water is not fit for drinking purpose. The parameters were compared with BIS standards (2012). The turbidity and MPN was also observed more than permissible limit.