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Anirudh K.G, Sikdar D C, Pavithra Valliappan, Subhranshu Dora, Sumit Jain

Without water, humans cannot live. Since time began, we have lived by the water and vast tracts of waterless land have been abandoned as it is too difficult to inhabit. At any given moment, the earths atmosphere contains 4,000 cubic miles of water, which is just 0.000012% of the 344 million cubic miles of water on earth. Nature maintains this ratio via evaporation and condensation, irrespective of the activities of man. There is a certain need for an alternative to solve the water scarcity. Obtaining water from the atmosphere is nothing new since the beginning of time, nature’s continuous hydrologic cycle of evaporation and condensation in the form of rain or snow has been the sole source and means of regenerating wholesome water for all forms of life on earth. An effective method to generate water is by the separation of moisture present in air by condensation. In this study, the water present in air is condensed on the surface of a container and then collected in an external jacket provided on the container. Insulations are provided to optimize the inner temperature of the container. The method is although uncommon but has certain advantages which make it a success. The process is economical and does not require a lot of utilities. It also helps in further reducing the carbon footprint.