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Neha G. Prabhu, Neha S. Singh, Shweta V. Singh, Professor Nilima Patil

Emotions are intrinsic to the way humans are interacting with each other. A human being can understand the emotions of another human being to a certain extent and behave in the best manner to improve the communication in a certain situation however a machine cannot. To understand one another’s emotions and act accordingly is what affection is. This paper aims to make a normal e-learning system affective to human emotions. Certainly this paper deals with the detection of emotions using EEG signals and based on the emotion detected, learning process will take place. In this project an Electro-Encephalogram (EEG) headset will be used to record the brain signals of an individual by analyzing his/her brain state and to detect his/her emotions using algorithms and database. Using EEG-based emotion recognition, the computer can literally observe the user’s mental state. As a result, this will help to improve user’s learning experience. To get good learning outcomes and to engage learners in the learning process are the main objectives of this paper. This kind of e-learning system using wearable natural user interfaces will have widespread potential applications in future smart environments.