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Abirami B, Anupriya S R, Divyarani R, Nagaraju V

Wheelchairs are used by the people who cannot walk due to physiological or physical illness, old age, injury or any disability. Recent development promises a wide scope in developing smart wheelchairs. The present article presents a gesture based wheelchair which controls the wheelchair using hand movement. The system is divided into two main units: The MEMS sensor and wheelchair control. The MEMS sensor, which is connected to hand, is an 3 axis accelerometer with digital output (12C) that provides hand gesture detection, converts it into the 6 bit digital values. Due to dependence on others, a person loses their confidence and desire to live their life independently. With the help of this wheelchair they become able to be a bit independent. This research paper introduces the design and implementation of a novel hands free control system for intelligent wheel chair.