Afghanistan is dealing with one of the most dramatic trend of urban movement in its history. Cities and towns are expanding in size and number in Afghanistan. Among the many problems that affect the development, uprising of informal settlements is one of the major problems that Afghanistan especially the capital Kabul city is suffering from. Land pooling or Land Readjustment (LR) is a land development technique used in many countries around the world. In essence it is a method whereby an irregular pattern of land is re-arranged into regular plot and equipped with basic urban infrastructure such as roads and drains. A percentage of each landowner's holding is contributed to provide land for roads and parks, and for some plots to sell to pay the costs of the project Since LR have proved to be an important tool for developing new land or reorganizing urban areas, this paper describes LR’s method and its uses in different countries and discusses advantages, problems and possibilities for future methodological development in the city of Kabul.