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Anjali Kalore, Prof.Megha Singh

In today’s world most of the applications are based on the location information about users for identifying the point of interest automatically without the explicit query. Mainly the usages are involved with mobility based devices such as cell phones, PDSA’s, laptops, GPS based devices, etc. Along with mobility the scalable services using cloud is taking place along with mobile environment. Both the areas are proportional to each other making them famous as a combined choice for user and hence it is considered as mobile cloud area. Here the privacy aims towards making the user’s personal information safe. The device transmits the location information along with the device identity to the location server. Sometimes the application demands more data than it actually needs. There is also a situation where the application uses location information up to certain accuracy. If more accuracy is passed to those applications than there is a chance of security compromises related to confidentiality, integrity and availability. Thus, there must privacy based information handling before passing the values to locate server. The existing privacy algorithm will apply more complex query processing with no control over the accuracy and providers authenticity. This work suggests some modifications in the previous privacy handling mechanism for location based services. The system reduces the query processing load with restricted content, usability limits and accuracy for each application. This work also analyses the security and privacy provisions along with performance measurement of the proposed approach. At the analytical level of evaluation, it seems to reduce the overhead and improve the privacy protections in a robust way.