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Pooja Sharma, Nitin kumar waghmare

This Research deals with the supply chain management (SCM) provide us a high practical rapidity flow of high quality, significant information that will assist suppliers to provide a constant and specifically timed flow of resources to customers. However, unplanned demand oscillations, including those caused by stock outs, in the supply chain performance development produce distortions. There are numerous causes, often in combination that will cause these supply chain distortions to start what has become known as the Bullwhip Effect. While the devil is generally hidden in the details, as is the case here, the most common drivers of these demand distortions are Customers, Promotions, Sales, Manufacturing Policies, Processes, Systems and Suppliers. The Bullwhip Effect has in the past been recognized as normal, and in fact, thought to be a predictable part of the order to delivery cycle. In this paper we propose a novel effective approach to find the MSE (Mean square error) with the help of MAMDANI Fuzzy logic.