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Tadewos Somano

Delay or Disruption Tolerant Networks (DTN)architecture is particularly intended for scenarios in which it is difficult to build infrastructure and for networks characterized by one or more of i)lack of end-to-end connectivity, ii)frequent channel errors, ii)limited transmission opportunities, iv)highly asymmetric links, v)low data rates(high delivery delay), vi)heterogeneous network environments and vii)high RTT.DTN architecture is assumed to be implemented in any data network type from legacy connected to challenged intermittently connected mobile adhoc networks (IC-MANETs), from underwater to deep space communication via its adaption layer called Convergence Layer(CL). Despite its generic features, DTN lacks well defined generic routing protocol. There are some papers on routing approaches, especially on georouting, in DTN.These proposed georouting approaches, however, have one or more of the following limitations: simulation based, lack details, genericity, practical applicability and conformance to standard frameworks, and/or are packet based. This paper discusses an approach to a routing protocol based on information given by geographic receivers.Although implementation scope of this paper is DTN, the author assumes its possible adaptability to other MANETs and future adaptability to other types of data networks.Sensor networks, vehicular communications, Intelligent Transport Systems(ITS), etc. benefit much from this approach.