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Kalaiselvi. K, Dr. P. Uma Maheswari

The Application Programming Interface restricts the types of queries that the Web service can answer. For instance, a Web service might provide a method that returns the books of a given author in fast manner, but it might not provide a method that returns the authors of a given book. If the user asks for the author of some specific book, then the Web service cannot be called – even though the underlying database might have the preferred piece of information, this scenario is called asymmetry. This asymmetry is particularly problematic if the service is used in a Web service orchestration system. In this survey, we propose to use on-the-fly information extraction (IE).IE used to collect values, and then the value can be used as parameter Bindings for the Web service. This survey shows how the information extraction can be integrated into a Web service orchestration system. The proposed approach is fully implemented in a prototype called Search Using Services and Information Extraction (SUSIE). Real-life data and services are used to demonstrate the practical viability and good performance of our approach.