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Video Transmission Using Wireless Network

Omkar Ketkar, Pranay Ninawe, Sagar Panchal, Yash Sonar

Real time video communication has become the need of today’s era. In the last few years, work has been done for the real time transmission of video. Most popular method is by using wireless LAN or WiFi. Though some authors have tried video transmission through visible light communication using LED’s. WiMax provides wireless broadband access to residential & commercial internet subscribers .There is an increasing trend to employ wimax for last mile internet access to circumvent the high deployment costs & local loop distance limitations associated with wired ADSL connections. Wimax covers the radius of 50km & work with speed of 70mbps.Video formats may range from 128x128 pixels (horizontal x vertical orientation) to beyond 1920x1080 pixels with various color depths. In the proposed model the most common drawbacks of Wifi and other current methods are overcome. A Wimax transmitter and receiver section is designed such that the video transmission and reception could be performed efficiently