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Aditi Ohol, Suman Goudar,Sukita Shettigar,Shubhum Anand

Touch screens were responsible for creating a great future to the technology at an alarming rate. We have to face many problems while working with the touch screen and end scratching up on the screen. The result, by frequently touching a touch screen display with the help of a touching device is that it depicts that there is a gradual dullness or de-sensitization of the touch screen to the input. This could result in a failure of the touch screen. To avoid this problem a simple user interface is being developed for Touch less control of electrically operated equipment is being developed. Elliptic Labs innovative technology lets us to control our gadgets like computers, Mp3 players or mobile phones without touching them. A simple user interface for Touchless Control of electrically operated equipment. Unlike other system which gradually depends on the distance from the sensor or this system depends on the hand, finger motion, a hand wave in a certain direction, or a flick of the hand in one area, and holding the hand in one area towards which we are pointing with one finger for example, The device is based on optical pattern recognition using a solid state optical sensor with a lens to detect hand motion. This sensor is then connected to a digital image processing; this interprets the patterns of motion and output the result as signal to control fixtures, applications, machineries, or on any other device which is controllable through electrical signal. In this paper, we are introducing about various touchless touch screen technology methods and its various types and discussed about one of the implemented touchless touch screen technology i.e. leap motion Controller is a device that connects with a user’s interface to Manipulate digital objects with hand motions. Working with other hardware the controller adds a new way to interact with the world.