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Vaishali Mane, Avani Joshi, Pratap Nair, Kaushiki Upadhyaya

Children actively build knowledge through experiences when they play games. Along with the development of technology, there has been more research on digital game-based leaning in recent years. Digital games contain better pictures and sound effects, but on the other hand, traditional games such as board games and card games can increase social interactions among people through playing games face to face. With the popularity of Android smart phones, all kinds of mobile games have sprung up like mushrooms. Card games are getting increasingly popular and have been widely played, especially among middle-aged men. The game uses a deck of cards consisting of a single totally ordered suit of 2n cards. The deck is divided into two hands A and B with shown and unshown of n cards each, held by players Left and Right, and one player is designated as having the lead. A trump card is chosen prior to the game which can ace any other card. It is a single player and system card game that is easy to play.