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K.S.N. Prasangani, Shanthi Nadarajan

English plays an important role in higher education of Sri Lanka as a medium instruction and as the medium of the globalization. In fact the current study examined 918 Sri Lankan undergraduates motivational profile by utilizing Dornyeis L2 Motivational Self System to identify the factors affect for their English learning motivation based on the regional variations of the country. The adapted motivational questionnaire was used to collect the data from the students related to their motivated learning behavior, ideal L2 self, ought to L2 self, social goals, mastery goals, performance goals, attitudes towards L2 community and attitudes towards English learning. Multi group structural equation modelling was used to examine the similarities and differences between the participant groups of urban rural and war affected and non war affected. Interestingly, in contrast to the previous studies current study found the strongest ideal L2 self among the rural and war affected learners. Furthermore, attitudes towards learning English appeared as a significant contributory factor of the English learning motivation of the rural and war affected learners. In addition, social goals also had a significant contribution to the learners motivation and their ideal L2 self. Further, ought to L2 self, mastery goals and attitudes towards L2 community showed no contribution to the learners motivation. In accordance with, the study specially highlights the country specific motivational picture of learners in Sri Lanka.