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S.Arvind Kumar, Shraddha Ghadigaonkar, Ravi Gupta, Vipul Jain

In the recent years the development in communication systems requires the development of low cost, minimal weight and low profile antennas that are capable of maintaining high performance over a wide spectrum of frequencies. This technological trend has focused much effort into the design of a microstrip patch antenna. Micro strip patch antenna has attracted wide interest due to its important properties such as light weight, low profile, simple to fabricate and easy to integrate with RF devices. Therefore, method of moments based IE3D software is used to design a Microstrip Patch Antenna with enhanced gain, bandwidth and high directivity. In this paper we have compared various technique to get high directivity of microstrip antenna on IE3D software. The different method which we used are • Improving Microstrip Patch Antenna Directivity using EBG Superstrate • Enhancement of Directivity of Rectangular Micro Strip Antenna Using Multilayer Multidielectric Structure • Directivity Enhancement of Microstrip Patch Antennas Using dielectric Superstrate