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Session Passwords Using Three Level Authentication System

Ashwini Deshpande ,Suchita Singh, Amrita Kharga,Dr.Lata Ragha

Today, there are many authentication schemes used in the accessing the private and extremely sensitive data. However these methods have many loopholes by which data can be extracted and used by unauthorized person. Authentication by traditional methods like textual or graphical password may suffer from many attacks. Generally user select password that is easy to remember. The new System is required that aimed to achieve the highest security in authenticating users. We propose an authentication methodology that involves three levels of user authentication which includes textual password, Image Authentication and Color Authentication. This system is vulnerable to various attacks and is even user friendly. It includes session login which will provide a high level of security to the user. As there are three levels the drawbacks of one level gets overcome by the another level and overall system performance is increased. Three Level Authentication systems will help the user to protect his data secure from the unauthorized user.