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Ms. Mya Yae Mon

Small and medium-sized enterprises are a very heterogeneous group. They are major contributors to country's economy and serve as the backbone for the economic growth of the country. The number of SMEs in Myanmar has rapidly increased soon after the economy was opened to private sectors. However, they are facing a number of constraints that deter their further growth. So, Myanmar needs to create a facilitating environment for its SMEs. This study will only focus on the activities of providing services to the SMEs in servicing business sector. The objective of the research is to study how to enhance effective support required for SMEs and to fulfill the basic requirements for National Economic Development by way of promoting more development of SMEs. In this research, qualitative method is used for data collection. The findings indicate that SMEs in Myanmar have limited access to financial resources and lack skills in HR. The most needs of SMEs are skill development in business, finance, marketing, and human resources. Skill development and enhancement through advisory services and mentoring are in high demand. Raising awareness of AEC and its potential benefits to SMEs, how SMEs can obtain such benefits, and how SMEs should prepare themselves for increased competition are essential. The Department of SMEs Development could develop into a one stop shop providing training, advisory and mentoring services to SMEs.