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Abhishek Shahasane, Dhairya Shah, Sagar Palao, Siddesh Dighe

The concept of Smart India is surging, the more appropriate way to make it smarter is rushing it in the veins of the Engineers of India. We propose a solution which can act as the driving force for making the rate at which smart homes, smart cities, smart villages are being build grow exponentially. LoT is a research project at Microsoft which is currently deployed at the home level but it is highly scalable to be extended to the entire city, entire India and even the globe. LoT is a platform for deploying and maintaining IoT devices on a click. It offers the entire infrastructure so that the complete focus is on app development without having pre-requisite (know-how) of technology stack. Using LoT, we offer solutions to basic problems in home, cities and villages of India and show how this solutions can be deployed and maintained using LoT.