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Sonali Shetty, Rituja Dabholkar, Jatin Tandel, Pravin Annnadate

In future, electric lights will be comprised of visible LEDS (light emitting diode).Visible LEDS with high power output are expected to serve in the next generation of lamps. In this system, these visible LEDS are used not only for illuminating rooms but also for an optical wireless communication system. While the radio spectrum is limited, the demand for wireless data transmission keeps increasing. There is a pressing need for new kinds of wireless communication systems. Li-Fi is a technology that makes use of LED light which helps in the transmission of data much faster than data that can be transmitted through Wi-Fi. Li-Fi provides wireless communication by using visible light as transmission medium. The baud rate achieved by Li-Fi is comparatively much more than that achieved by Wi-Fi. It also does not interfere with the radio frequency signals used in medical equipment’s. Thus, it can be implemented in hospitals.