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Ms. Yukta P. Mehta, Mr. Vikas P. Dadhich , Ms. Priya H. Pandey

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the logical further developŵeŶt of today͛s IŶterŶet. Technological advancements lead to smart objects being capable of identifying, locating, sensing and connecting and thus leading to new forms of communication between people and things and things themselves. At the beginning we describe an overview of the Internet of Things. The Internet will continue to become ever more central to everyday life and work, but there is a new but complementary vision for an Internet of Things (IoT), which will connect billions of objects – ͚thiŶgs͛ like sensors, monitors, and RFID devices – to the Internet at a scale that far outstrips use of the Internet as we know it. This paper studies the state-of-the-art of IoT and presents the key applications, challenges and future research areas in the domain of IoT. In addition to that we have added an idea about holographic camera with is related to security purpose in daily lifestyle.