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Yash Mahajan, Tejas Nikam, Harish Nikte, Kedar Phadke

This paper describes the development and testing of an interface system whereby one can control external devices by voluntarily controlling alpha, beta and theta waves, that is through concentration & eye movement. Such a system may be used for the control of prosthetics and external devices like wheelchairs or other household devices using the alpha brain waves. The response generated through the movement of the eye (detecting and controlling the amplitude of the alpha brain waves) is interfaced and processed to smart home control. Three electrodes are required to measure brain wave. The electrodes perform the function of capturing the brain waves and also converts the captured EEG signal into a JSON format. This signal format is transmitted via Bluetooth to computer and a Java programming is used as it is compatible to JSON format. Eye blink signal along with the concentration signal is used to control the device. The eye blinks are used as a counter or to select the device while the concentration signal are used to toggle the device i.e. to switch ON/OFF the devices.