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Design Multiband Antenna for Ultrawide Band.

Vashisht Gawand, Ashutosh Manerikar, Abhinay Dravid

Wider bandwidth is required in modern wireless communication. Traditionally each antenna operates in a single frequency band, where a different antenna is required for different application. This will occupy more space. This paper presents a novel comparative study between three multiband antennas – Monopole antenna, PIFA and Fractal antenna. The planar monopole antenna has a simple structure, omni-directional radiation characteristic, low profile, and lightweight internal antenna. PIFA is one of the most promising antenna types because it is small and has a low profile, making it suitable for mounting on portable equipment. Fractals have self similar shapes and space filling properties. This property makes the fractal antenna compact and operating in multiband frequencies. The comparison is done in terms multiband radiation and size.