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Apeksha Khilari, Manasi Marathe, Aishwarya Parab, Manita Rajput

Communication refers to exchange of information by speaking, writing or through any other medium. Communication and dependence in today’s world go hand in hand. A person who is disabled in his cochlear abilities, generally need to rely on people, so as to live independently in this society. Thus, the subject ‘deaf’ has piqued us to develop a system, which would be android application based, and would aid the disabled to communicate with normal people, easily. A real time online speech to text converter is proposed for the same. This converter application would lie with the normal person, and the converted stream would be sent to the Central server using Bluetooth. Also, home sensor assembly has been proposed in order to inform the user about the on-goings in the house. This can be implemented by using sound sensors in various locations and transmitting the data through ZigBee transmitters. The android application with the deaf would be the central server, receiving all the notifications from the sound sensors using ZigBee receiver and the text stream from the normal person, using Bluetooth.