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Harshit Kaur Chawla, Pallavi Rana, Priyasi

RFID being a recent fashion in industry holds numerous applications including Restaurants, Warehouses, Healthcare and what not in its domain. The target of this project is to generate a Robot with Line following module and RFID technology integrated within. Servo motors and Infra-Red sensors administer its Movement and Line following. Tags on the Items are read by the robot and they are identified thus. Items are then picked up and placed at their required locations. The storing and retrieval of Data is done with the help of RFID tags and Transponders. For demo and analysis a small white platform with a black line to be followed will be used. Markets today are seeing RFID as a boon for tasks like livestock identification, automatic vehicle identification systems, library & warehouse maintenance etc. this paper aims at studying the outcomes and implementation of a line following module and RFID technology on a Robot for the task of warehouse management.