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Deepika Sahu, Tejas Nagpure, Priyanka Maru, Anuradha More, Alka Khade

The telecommunication field had been witnessed as one of the most dynamic and fast growing segment in the market. With the introduction of wireless communication, revolutionary technologies have been introduced in the recent years. The latest technology brought into use in this field is 4G that is 4th generation Mobile Network .4G is also called as LTE (Long Term Evolution) With its speed and efficiency it has raised the comfort level for consumers worldwide. However, researches aim to introduce an upgraded version of 4G that is 5G (5th Generation Mobile Network) to answer the challenges of 4G with it’s amazing data speed in gigabytes and low latency period. The 5G architecture is called as the 5G Nanocore which consists of Nanotechnology, Flat IP Network and Cloud Computing. 5G was aimed to be introduced in the year 2020 ,however recent reports contradict the fact as various techniques are under research to achieve the goal data transfer in gigabytes using proper frequency spectrum. 5G also introduces the concept of WWWW(World Wide Wireless Web).