The basic density and some of the anatomical properties of five clones of Eucalyptus tereticornis developed by ITC Bhadrachalam were reported. The five clones represented by four trees each of four and half years old were from Sarapaka, Andhra Pradesh. Within tree variation in anatomical properties of four and half years old grown Eucalyptus tereticornis clones have been investigated and correlated with basic density. Anatomical parameters studied were found to vary significantly from bottom to top with no definite trend. Significant variation exists in all the five clones of different parameters. Basic density was positively correlated with fibre length at middle, top and pooled positions. Fibre length was positively correlated with fibre diameter, fibre lumen diameter at bottom position, and with vessel diameter at middle position, and negatively correlated with vessel frequency at top position. The results obtained in this study have shown the suitability of raw material for paper and pulp where the required basic density is met with. Mainly these clone are primarily tried to meet the requirement of paper and pulp industry.