The paper aims at the variation of production with time, cutting tool and fuel consumption of surface miner 2200 SM. Surface miner was first introduced in South Africa in the year 1983. Present work is done by observing the detail report of two conjunctive months and on each month surface miner works for 30 days and on each day it works for three shifts (i.e. eight hour per shift). The first surface miner was brought to India by Gujarat Ambuja Cement Limited in the year 1999. In India Surface miner was initially used for lime stone mining and in the year 1999 it was first used for coal cutting. Number of modification in the model of Surface miner 2200 SM like extension in the length of milling drum from 2200mm to 3800mm has increased the maximum production from 10,000 tons per day to 22,000 tons. SM 2200 has brought revolution in Indian mine and now a day every mine has at least two surface miners.