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Aadish Agrawal, Snehil Srivastava

3d printing is a thriving technology trending today among science community. Lots of research is being done to use the technology to its full potential. 3D printing will continue to provide low- cost effective solutions in various sectors. Our project focuses on Delta 3D printer. The project mainly aims at manufacturing plastic objects by successively placing layer on layer. The designing for hardware is performed in Solid works. We have developed the algorithm for the movement of the extruder with the help of which we can develop the desired 3D model. We have developed the Arduino code in order to control the movement of the extruder. We wish to construct a universal 3D printer. Many techniques are employed to print 3D objects like Stereo lithography (SLA), Digital Light processing, Fused Deposition modeling, etc. By universal we mean that most of the techniques to print 3D objects can be integrated in one prototype so that a standard is established. We also wish to make the machine cost effective so as to provide it to the benefit of the people.