Tiger conservation is a big issue now a day not only in Indian counterpart but all around the world. Livestock predation is important issue to develop the negative attitude of people towards tiger while on the other hand the ecological cum vital need compel the tiger to move out in human-dominated landscape is another kind of trouble for both the tiger and mankind in reserve and its periphery. Disturbance in carrying capacity of area leads mortality situation, Struggle for existence is a natural phenomenon for vital need. Gujjars are based on milk i.e. cattle. At least minimum 50 buffaloes are rearing and practicing grazing illegally in parks which leads conflict and die heart situation for both man & animals. On the other hand the Kosi corridor near about vanishing day by day so in and fro movement of wildlife is blocked between Corbett tiger reserve & Ramnagar forest division. Such types of situation affect the genetic viability with conservation point of view and vital ecological need for big cat.