: In this study, impact of inflation (WPI), exchange rate and interest rate on the amount of chicken and egg in Turkey was examined using the Vector Autoregressive (VAR) model. The model consisting of variables of dollar exchange rate, inflation rate, interest rate, number of chicken and egg has been estimated for the period of 1981-2014. It has been determined that there has been a relationship between dollar rate, interest rate, interest rate in Turkey. Granger causality test was performed to determine the tendency of this relationship. It has been identified that there has been one-way causality relationship between number of eggs, dollar rate and interest rate(%). Impact response functions and variance decomposition analysis were used to interpret VAR model. As a result of the variance analysis , it was determined that the expression influence of dollar rate on the changes of variance at number of chickens is more than that of inflation rate and interest rate on the changes of variance at number of eggs.