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Dr. Lanja A. Dabbagh, Dr. Sabir O. Mustafa, Dr. Lana A. Dabbagh

Normal speech might seem effortless, but it is actually a complex process that requires precise timing, nerve, and muscle control. When we speak, we must coordinate many muscles from various body parts and systems, including the larynx, which contains the vocal cords; the teeth, lips, tongue, and mouth; and the respiratory system. The ability to understand language and produce speech is coordinated by the brain. Some people with speech problems, particularly articulation disorders, may have hearing problems. Even mild hearing loss may have an impact on how a person reproduces the sounds they hear. Disorders of speech are associated with many things but the concern in this research is with the nasal defect only. It is proposed first to consider the essential differences between normal and nasal speech, showing the causes, to discuss physiological mechanisms, and finally to consider surgical therapy in the light of these findings.