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Anurag Sarda, Snehal Dewalkar

The construction industry usually deals with two types of construction sectors such as Infrastructure sector and Real Estate Sector. Residential, Corporate, Commercial and Industrial sectors come under Real Estate sector. Whereas Infrastructure sector deals with Railways, Airports, Ports, Roads etc. All these projects are very important for economic growth of the country. Project Management Consultancy play a very important role in providing services in such big projects. Project Management Consultancy provides services from start of the project till its completion. Use of Project Management Consultancy is very useful for construction project as it improves the efficiency of the project. The purpose of this paper is to study the Role of Project Management Consultancy in Construction. Management is the most important part in any construction project then the project may be small or large and therefore Project Management Consultancy comes into the picture. Project Management Consultants make sure that every activity is taking place smoothly at every stage of project and this helps in proper execution of work for any construction project. Project Management Consultancies provide effective measures to improve the efficiency of the project. Principles of project management are very important for successful completion of project within time and with minimum number of errors. Project Management establishes equilibrium in the project. In this paper we will be also taking into considerations the need for Project Management Consultancy, role of Project Management Consultancy and also some of the problems faced by these consultancies for successful implementation of the project. It is also very important for us to understand the responsibilities of Project Management Consultancy for the betterment of the construction of the project. In this paper we are going to identify the effectiveness, roles and responsibilities of Project Management Consultancy.