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Rosy Bansal, Jasmeet kaur

The present investigation entitled, “Preparation of fresh and processed tomato salsa with herbs and to study its storage stability” was conducted with the objectives to standardize the formulation of tomato salsa, to compare sensory quality of fresh and processed tomato salsa and to study the nutritive characteristics of fresh and processed tomato salsa. Raw materials used in preparation of tomato salsa were analyzed for physical-chemical properties such as moisture, TSS, acidity, ascorbic acid, reducing sugars, ash and yield. Formulation of tomato salsa was finalized on the basis of sensory evaluation and the selected levels of vinegar, sugar, and cilantro were found to be 10%, 8% and 1.5% respectively in 70% of tomato which was the major ingredient of tomato salsa. The remaining ingredients i.e onion(5.2%), garlic(0.6%), green chilli(0.6%), capsicum(1.5%),, pepper(0.15%), cumin(0.15%), oregano(0.3%) and salt(2%) were added according to the taste acceptability of the panelists. three hydrocolloids i.e. carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC), guar gum and sodium alginate were added to the tomato salsa at different concentrations(0.2, 0.4, 0.6,0.8 and 1%) to avoid the separation of serum from the product. Shelf life of fresh tomato salsa found to be 60 days (2months) under refrigerated conditions (4-18 ˚C) and 8 to 10 days under room temperature (28-35 ˚C). There was no significant effect on total soluble solids (14 ˚B) and pH (4-4.2) but moisture (1.4%), titrable acidity(26%), ascorbic acid(54.25), reducing sugars(3.8%), lycopene(25.6%) and ash content(16%) were significantly decreased during storage in fresh tomato salsa(unprocessed) under refrigerated conditions (4-10 ˚C). Processed salsa showed significant decrease in ascorbic acid and lycopene and increase in reducing sugars at both room (28-35 ˚C) and refrigeration temperature (4-10 ˚C) Microbiological studies observed no microbial growth in processed tomato salsa packed in glass jars during 3 months of storage studies whereas during second month of storage fresh salsa sauce showed microbial growth Scores of tomato salsa packed in glass jars