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Happy Jain, Akshata Choudhari, Mohan Sharma, Jagdeep Yadav, Krunal J. Pimple

part of our day to day life. With the revolution in mobile computing numerous extraordinary components were added to the field and the mobiles got smaller, faster and better as the decade Today mobile and mobile based applications have become a passed. It gave rise to the introduction of new mobile based operating systems frameworks where the software engineers where given open source working system named “ANDROID”. (OCR)[1] is a powerful tool for bringing data from our simple lives into the inexorably digital world. This technology has long seen use in building digital libraries, recognizing text from natural scenes, understanding hand-written office forms etc.[2] Ocrhepls to take images from android mobile and translate it in any language that user wish to translate. Even user can take image from camera and translate the text or image. User can also take the text or copy text from the mobile or where ever it is saved, it also allows to copy the text to different apps(message ,text, email) or any other clipboard.