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Neena Mishra, Garima Singh

Requirement engineering is an integral a part of the software system development lifecycle since the idea for developing successful software system depends on comprehending its needs within the initial place. Requirement engineering involves variety of processes for gathering requirements in accordance with the wants and demands of users and stakeholders of the software package. This paper is beneficial to understand this state of the affairs relating {the requirement, the need and necessity engineering analysis. The study additionally summarizes the simplest practices and the way to use a mix of the requirement engineering techniques as a good methodology to successfully conduct the requirement engineering task.In the current changing technology, only teaching is the field where still there is no advancement. We still are using pen and paper which includes lots of human effort. In this paper we propose a new teaching technology which is free of large human efforts. This technology is based on the online teaching system which includes teaching, learning and examination. This technology reduces the human effort. We have used the Requirement Engineering [1] to gather the information for modelling the Web Based Student Response System (WBSRS). Relevant methodology and formulation are used in this paper. Detailed work of this is represented in this report.